Fairy Tales

As a little girl, I loved reading fairy tales.

Why not, they always have happy endings! I’m a happy ending addict. Even to this day.

In every situation I’m in, I want the endings to be happy. Even in any movie I watch, novel I read, image I paint, or story I write.

They give me hope. They give me wings to fly and see the happy side of things!

As I grew out of my little girl fairy stories, I learned that in life, not all things have happy endings.

But as I live my life each day, I just try my best to find or create the happy in the things I can control and then leave the rest to God.

It is no child’s play. But if I learn to just let go, think happy and live one day at a time, then I believe there will be gazillions of joyful moments to enjoy and happy endings to keep in my heart.

Happy endings. What’s not to love about them?

So I still read those old fairy tales sometimes. Relish the “and they lived happily ever after” moments (haha ü). And believe that God is writing beautiful stories of hope and joy in my life.


*This excerpt is taken from “My Happy“,  an inspirational book from PreciousBooks.*   

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The Hole

I have a congenital hole in my heart.

I have done so many things I could possibly do to fill up the space. I have been to different places trying to ease the pain the void creates.

So many times in my life, I have experienced things that have almost stopped my heart from beating. I have made choices that only made the hole worse.

Until I found Him.

I found Him one night in the middle of a storm. Alone and nipped with hollowness, I heard Him call my name. I took His hand and walked with Him through the night. He was silent. But I could sense the love He specially had for me.

The wind was strong. And there was flood. But He lingered. There was nothing that could stop Him from walking in the rain with me.

It was Him after all. The One who could fill up the hole in my heart.

The hole was formed only for Him. It was there so He could dwell in my soul and fill me with joy that could only come from Him.

So whenever I feel sad, I try to remind myself of this beautiful space I got within me. Because the love He specially has for me is here. A love that embraces me no end.

I am glad I have this hole. Though I may get lost sometimes, I know I can just search for Him in my heart and experience the joy He always wants me to have.

Thank You, my God!

I’m whistling, laughing, and jumping for joy; I’m singing your song, High God.   (Psalms 9:2, The Message)


*This excerpt is taken from “Musings of a Sinner“,  an inspirational book from PreciousBooks.*   

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