Carpe Diem!

It was already noontime when I finished checking my emails.

So I hurriedly grabbed my car keys, and quickly tucked my phone and hand sanitizer into my jeans pockets. I was going to the hospital to get myself tested. I had some weird symptoms that started a week back, so my doctor suggested that I go and get tested.

While in the queue, and seeing more and more patients coming in, it dawned on me how life can just be taken away anytime.

Have I lived my life to the fullest? Am I living my purpose? How much of the things that I’ve always wanted to do have I already done?

Each new day is our second chance to look at life through a different lens. To live a life of purpose.

To create ripples not just in our own lives but also in other people’s lives.

As I walked past the medical staff’s station through to the testing room and witnessed how they were selflessly serving others despite the risks, I realized even more that we all need to seize the day (carpe diem!) no matter what.

Before it’s too late.

(As I write this, I carry the happy news that my test is negative…thank You, God!)


*This excerpt is taken from “My Happy“,  an inspirational book from PreciousBooks.*



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