Wild River

As we were inching our way through the Star City parking lot one April summer night, I saw the Wild River glowing and shivering in excitement a few meters away from where I was seated inside the car.

I’ve always wanted to try that exciting-but-you’ll-surely-get-wet ride but never got the chance. The place was so full of people. Shouts of excitement and the smell of newly-popped popcorns were everywhere. Wow this is fun, I thought.

It was past eleven when we took our place at the end of the long queue to the Wild River ride, our last stop. As I watched the log cars move up and down the tracks (gosh, they were so high and steep!), I suddenly felt unsure if I still wanted to do it.

But I lingered. I’ve always wanted this. I’ve never tried any rides before, and this shall be the great ride of my life!

And so I thought. I took a deep breath as our log car started to move through the tracks. And there it was…as we were going down the final and highest track, I heard myself letting out a super loud, head-splitting aaaaahhhhhh! It felt like falling from midair to nowhere!

And it seemed like everything around had stopped moving, except me! I closed my eyes for a moment. Then suddenly, I felt a splash of water on my skin. We were at the bottom at last! The ‘falling’ was over!

Journeying through life is not devoid of troubles. When difficulties come, many times, we lose the heart to keep going. We feel like falling into a bottomless pit.

But if only we keep still and let Him be God (Psalms 46:11), then like a splash of refreshing water, God shall restore us.

He shall lead us from the wild river of our life to the quiet streams of His love.

Through the bare heights of my life, God is my river of hope (Psalms 114:8). He opens up for me springs of water amid my trials and falling.

And no matter how unworthy I am, He embraces me. And gives me new beginnings. Because He loves me.

My God, in You alone, I put my hope. To safe waters, You lead me. You restore my strength. I may not understand all the plans You have for me, but I let You be God and surrender to You all my tomorrows. My source of hope and joy is You alone, my God!


*This excerpt is taken from “Musings of a Sinner“,  an inspirational book from PreciousBooks.*   (Preview & buy Books for a Cause here.)

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